You guys, I need to address a somewhat serious issue today. A lot of times I hear guys retreating themselves from going after a girl because “she wears too much makeup, she must be the high maintenance type” or because “I prefer girls who don’t wear makeup because then I’ll know that they don’t cover up who they really are”. And it just bugs me oddly too much.

As a makeup junkie, I feel like too often we get stereotyped by people who don’t even understand what being a makeup junkie is like. So to address the issue (and to get over my overly dramatic disapproval), here’s a note to all the non-makeup junkies out there of the 5 things that they don’t know about us:

5 Things You Didn't Know About Makeup Lovers

1. We are not always high maintenance

Yes, it’s true. Not all girls who wear makeup are high maintenance. Sometimes we wear makeup to feel better on a shitty day. Sometimes we wear makeup because we feel extra girly. But not all of us need to wear makeup all the time and not all of us are the type who “won’t leave the house without falsies, defined brows and bright red lips”. In fact, a lot of us are actually pretty comfortable with how we look without makeup on. But we do have the option to look healthier and more awake and feel much better, so why not?

2. We don’t put makeup on because we feel ugly

I mean, seriously? We don’t put makeup on to hide our faces. We simply highlight our best features and keep our little flaws from stealing the spotlight. Wearing makeup often doesn’t mean we all have self worth problems and are always insecure about our looks. You need to understand that makeup is not a mask, it’s like an accessory to our hair and outfit. It gives an extra oomph to our looks and whether they notice it or not, a lot of guys get attracted to women who pay attention to their looks anyway.

3. It does hurt us to spend the bucks

Not all of us makeup junkies were born rich and super splurgy. We all try our best to earn (or save) money to afford this lifestyle. Constantly buying expensive makeup does not mean we don’t care about our finances. We just think that it’s a good investment for us since it makes us feel better and does more than just making us look pretty. Even girls who only buy mostly drugstore makeup products (like moi) can feel the pain of spending money on makeup. We get it, a lot of you may think it’s a foolish way of spending on something so insignificant, but guess what…

4. We don’t really care what you think about us

Yeap. We just don’t. When we start considering beauty and makeup as a lifestyle and more than just a hobby, it becomes a part of us and there is nothing that you can say that will change that. We take pride in how our outlook on beauty has evolved and how we have learned so much along our beauty journey about makeup. We are not shy about showing off our skills or telling others about our favourite products. And we don’t care not because we are all ignorant and shut ourselves away from criticism, but because most of us stick to this passion because it has changed out lives in one way or another, be it subtly or greatly.

5. You don’t have to like the way we look

And lastly, stop pointing your fingers at beautiful girls and saying to yourself “that girl wears too much makeup”. Nobody asked for your opinion and nobody really demanded for you to like the way they look. So just go about doing your own business and let others live peacefully with what makes them happy. Focus your energy on doing what makes you happy and then we can all live in harmony where you don’t comment about our looks and we don’t comment about how you judge…

All my beauty junkies out there, comment “yasssss guuurl!” below if you feel me!!!

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