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Dear fellow newbies,

I have been seeing a lot of new bloggers asking this question on blogging videos on YouTube and I would like to share my personal experience about it. Although money is a rather sensitive topic, I think a lot of us actually think about it at the back of our minds.

I started this blog in September 2016 and yes, after a few weeks, I bought a domain. I also buy my own makeup products to review so I can create useful content for my niche. So far, it’s all good. I am at around 50 new followers every week and about 700-800 views per week. Which is not bad at all, considering the size of my blog. (Btw, I didn’t spend money on my blog design as I used a free template and designed it myself)

BUT. The money that I invested on my blog has almost nothing to do with the growth. Sure, a nice domain makes it easier for me to promote my blog. Sure, new products means I get to write exciting content. But I personally think it’s not money that you need to invest on your blog.

I invested my time and energy, and I think that’s the most important key. A lot of people think that buying beautiful templates means people will linger on their blogs and thus result in better traffic. I honestly think it doesn’t matter. I’ve seen blogs with basic design, no fancy camera or fancy products, but they still do well. Why? Because readers care about content.

From my personal experience, my blog grows the fastest when I continually post useful and relatable content. In November 2016, I hit a huge traffic plateau. My blog wasn’t growing at all and my readers started disappearing. So I decided to write more and better, making sure every single content has value in it. And that changed everything.

Readers know when a blog post is written with effort and genuine intentions and when it is not. Now, I always make sure that my content is relevant, valuable and leave my readers wanting for more. So my answer for the question on investing money on your blog is simply: no. You don’t have to spend money on things that doesn’t help your blog grow. You just have to know your blog and readers well enough to know what and what not to invest on.

On a side note, I have just published a guest post on Naya’s Fairytale where I shared my experience in growing my small blog within the first 3 months of writing. I also have a newly released (and super cute) free printable blog organiser that has helped me so, so much with scheduling my posts and streamlining my ideas so hopefully you find it cute and useful too! See you on the next one, loves. Xoxo

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