3 months ago on my 21st birthday, I decided to start a blog to channel my creativity and share my love for budget beauty with other girls who feel the same. Today, I have posted 68 blog posts (this is my 69th) and I have been loving this journey!

It was definitely tough to start out as a daily blog the first month and there were a lot of struggles here and there trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Now that the year is coming to an end, I look back at the past 3 months and I feel really proud of myself. And I’m not bragging, I think we should all be proud of our own blogs. It is our very own little corner, a tiny kingdom where we rule!

So to close the year, I’d like to share a round up of my blog posts based on two main categories: most loved (by readers, based on stats) and most proud of (based on effort lol). I hope you enjoy looking back through my pretty little blog posts and I’d like you to share links to yours too!


My Most Loved Blog Posts of 2016

How to Style Denim Jacket OOTD Phillip Lim Pashli

1. Surprisingly, my first ever blog post did the most well! I did a mini get to know me kind of post and threw in my everyday OOTD looks. Funny enough, I don’t post anything about my own style anymore. I feel more comfortable to talk about beauty and makeup because I’m just basically not that confident in the fashion area. But I’m getting there! Promise. Hehe

Anti Aging Skincare Routine

2. A lot of you seemed to really enjoy my (very short) post about my skincare routine where I talked about starting anti-aging routine in my early 20’s. It is really interesting to see what you guys thought of it and getting all those informative and lovely feedback!

How I Design My Beauty Blog in 5 Easy Steps for New Beauty Bloggers

3. I wrote a little tutorial on how I design my blog in 5 easy steps and I was so happy that a lot of you actually found it useful. I think the steps are really easy to follow and if you haven’t been investing more time on designing your blog or don’t know where to start, definitely check that out and I hope it inspires you 😀

DIY Ikea Make Up Vanity Tutorial Vanity Mirror With Lights

4. My vanity also got a lot of love and it made me feel so proud of myself because I did it myself (sort of). It’s basically a DIY Ikea Makeup Vanity and it looks so glamorous for the effort and time that it actually took. Seriously, it was really easy to do and it turned out so beautifully.


foundation routine cover.jpg

5. And finally, my flawless face foundation routine! Ahh, my most favourite foundation routine ever. I even still follow these steps until today, I have just been more adventurous and trying new products. But the routine works perfectly for my skin and I get a lot of compliments about it, which is always a plus. Hehe. Lots of you actually enjoyed reading it too, so that’s an extra plus!


Blog Posts I’m Most Proud of in 2016

High End Luxury Make Up Brands Beauty Wish List Dior Tom Ford Marc Jacobs Artis Brushes Dolce Gabbana

1. I did a luxury beauty wish list once before and although it was very, very short post, I figured out my design style in that post. Basically, when I did the graphic for this, I fell in love with how it turned out and as a result, most of my graphics are based on this sort of style. And also, this next one…



2. This daily makeup routine post is probably the post where I put most effort in designing graphics for. And yeap, it’s my baby! I love, love, love it! I couldn’t decide which style I liked more (this fun one or the minimalist one before) so I decided to use both styles, mix them up and try to incorporate them to all my graphics and my blog design.

Best Drugstore Makeup Products 2016

3. And finally, one of my latest posts where I talked about how you can start your makeup collection with less than US$50. I’m really proud of this post because it took me forever to decide which drugstore products to recommend and the prices for each of those, because I know prices vary in many places. But I love how it turned out and a lot of you found it helpful and that’s all that matters!


So those are my most loved posts and the ones I’m proud of the most. Thank you so much for sticking around. I really enjoyed growing this blog together with all of you and your feedback and support means the world to me. Now it’s your turn! Drop me a link in the comments below for the posts that you are most proud of and tell me all about it! I can’t wait to read. Xoxo

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