About Mercyish

Hey, there.

In 2016, I turned 21 and felt creatively stuck even though I was working in design. I took a leap of faith and left the job only to find myself in a totally non-creative, 9-6 job. Struggling to keep my colourful brain alive, I decided to start Mercyish: a creative extension of myself… ish.

Though it started as a beauty blog, both Mercyish and myself have now evolved and we are shifting towards more content revolving around positivity. Of course, with a splash of beauty and creativity here and there because they are still big parts of my passion.

So grab a cuppa, read on and make sure to say hello. Welcome to Mercyish.

– Mercy Immanuela


Disclaimer: I do not take credit for the visuals I use on my posts. I try my best to use my own graphics or royalty free, stock visuals but if you see anything around here that are not, my gratitude goes to the artists behind them.