Hey! How are you? It’s been almost 4 months since I last wrote here and it creeped me out how fast those months went by.

Well, updates from me: I am doing fine. But I guess you’re probably wondering where I went and why. Long story short, I felt like my blog was failing and decided to take time out to revamp it. Along the way, I realised that it wasn’t exactly failing. Stats wise, it was much more successful that I imagined at the beginning. But I was not happy with it. I realised that my blog was getting a lot of attention because it was what most people wanted to read, although all posts did truly come from my heart. My views about beauty and makeup have changed and with those, so did my priorities and beliefs. I no longer put beauty first, I no longer buy as much makeup as I did and I am happy about it.

I miss our discussions and little chit chats in the comments section. There are a lot of other things that I would like to talk about with you and I just can’t wait. Instead of ending my blogging journey, I decided that it would be better to continue to blog with fresh perspectives. I am opening doors to new possibilities for Mercyish and I am taking it on new adventures. I’m hoping that you would still come along with me through my journey in redefining positivity, beauty and creativity. I promise, I’m not going anywhere anymore.

Talk to you soon. – M

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