You guys. It’s my 100th post! Can you believe I have written 100 blog posts in the span of roughly 6 months? Looking back, there were a lot of moments when I was so in love with my blog and yet there are also moments when I definitely don’t want to do it. And these struggles are as real as can be. Even though I love blogging and everything that comes with it, often times I face struggles that I just don’t want to talk about because I know that it’s just part of the journey and there’s not a lot that can be done to counter those. And I’m sure a lot of you share the same struggles so I hope this post encourages you who share the same struggles or at least gives a new insight for those who aren’t aware of these struggles.

Secret Blogging Struggles New Bloggers Don't Talk About

1. People make fun of us for “being wannabe’s”

Sigh. I hear this around a lot from friends, fellow bloggers and I even had people say that to my face and it’s just so sad. I personally think that chasing after your passion and genuinely wanting to put all your effort into it is something worth applauding. Not everyone has the guts to be true to themselves and even share their vulnerabilities online to help others and build a community. And ummm, hello? Not all of us aspire to be the next Chriselle Lim, y’all. Sometimes we just gotta share our favourites and recipes because we love doing what we do.

I think the reason why we don’t talk about this often is because part of it is true. Some of us do want to make it big and make a business out of blogging. But sometimes we just laugh it off and joke along with them, which isn’t helping at all. I think a lot of us need to gather the guts and stand up for our passion because really, there is nothing embarrassing about sacrificing big parts of your life to pursue a passion. You be proud of it, girl!

2. Life gets in the way and it breaks our hearts

Balancing work, family, relationship, social life and running a blog at the same time is NOT easy in any way. People tend to overlook this but you gotta respect all those committed bloggers out there because they do sacrifice a lot of play and a lot of sleep just to share a little bit of happiness for their readers. Sometimes though, life just gets in the way and even though we want to spend more time blogging or doing other blog-related activities so bad, we just couldn’t because life sometimes doesn’t allow it. And it’s okay.

I like to remind myself that my blog isn’t going anywhere, it will still be there for me if I need a corner to just pour everything out to and be myself in. I just have to be patient and settle everything else so I won’t have to pressure myself through the juggle. Once things get cleared, I’ll have more time and peace of mind to write and have fun with my readers!

3. Unfortunately, blogging costs real money

Yes, I know I have said multiple times that you don’t have to spend your money to get your blog running. BUT. There are bloggers out there who genuinely want to make a business out of their blogs and have no choice but to pay for hosting, domain, revamping the whole site, sometimes premium plug ins, etc etc etc, it’s endless. And yes, it’s not completely necessary. But many of us actually do want to spend money to improve our blogs and sometimes it’s just not an option at our current financial situation. And it sucks.

I myself have a long list of the things I would love to revamp from my blog and I have done the budgeting for it and it’s just not an option for me even though I really want to spend the bucks. I personally set a goal for myself and if I can reach that goal by the time my blog hits the 1 year mark, I promised myself to invest more into it. But I’m not pressuring myself because I know it’s not an option right now. I know a lot of you are struggling with this too and my advise is to just give your best at what you currently have going for your blog and when the time is right, things will fall into place and make way for better things to come for your blog.

So, what’s the solution?

Here’s my advice: talk about it! Why not? What I learned after writing 100 blog posts is that the blogging community is a solid support system and we all go through all kinds of challenges too. Rather than talking about these blogging problems with non-bloggers who can only make fun of your passion, why not turn to fellow bloggers who actually understand? It’s one of the best parts about blogging, you get to have new friends! And we are all always there for one another which I truly appreciate.

There are a lot of blogger groups (Rymixer Club on Facebook is my ultimate fave!) and even forums or comment chains that will help you go through all blogging challenges. Here’s some of mine, just in case you need them:

What blogging challenges are you struggling with? Share with us so we can help!

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