Ahhh my #BeautyPassport series is coming to an end and I am so not ready for it to be over! I have been having so much fun researching about beauty industries in different countries and sharing my findings with you. Today and for the last time, I am taking you to Japan! Konichiwa~

Long time readers would know this about me but I am 21 years old and even though I am only at a very early stage of my 20’s, my skincare routines (previous and current) have been focused on anti aging. This has been something that many people are fascinated by and yet there are also others who don’t support it, which is okay because the conversations about this on my blog have always been interesting and informative.

Although my skincare routine has been modified here and there over time, one thing that constantly remains is SK II Facial Treatment Essence, which is my number one holy grail skincare product. I’m not even kidding or exaggerating, you guys. Since I started using this essence, I have seen some dramatic changes in the appearance and elasticity of my skin. the SK II Essence has seriously become a game changer for me.

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What are essences and how do I use them?

For those of you who are not familiar with it, an essence is an essential part of the popular Korean skincare routine. And even though Koreans made it popular, different brands from different countries have come up with their own essences too. An essence doesn’t clean your face like cleansers or toners. In fact it is very light weight and watery BUT it does not work as serums do either.

I personally think of essence as skincare boosters that amplify the benefits of other skincare products I use by prepping my skin for the following steps. At the same time, the essences are formulated in light, watery texture so the skin absorbs it quickly and fully. That’s why most essences are also packed with their own rich goodness. Basically, it’s the bomb.

To use it, I normally would pour a few drops of the essence onto the palms of my hands and pat them on my face. I do this after removing my makeup, washing my face and using a facial toner. This is not how everyone uses it, though, because I do follow the Korean 10-step skincare routine. I have read that others just use essence after face wash and finishing it off with moisturiser, which I think would work well too.

Why do I consider SK II Facial Treatment Essence as my holy grail?

I am a huge fan of drugstore products and I’m not one who finds the need for my beauty products to be in the luxury category all the time. But I do love my SK II Essence and I keep on buying it again and again for a few years now. In Singapore, a 75 ml bottle of SK II Facial Treatment Essence is roughly S$120 (or US$85) and this is not by any means cheap. At all. And by that, I mean it still pains me to fork out the money every single time I repurchase it. But why do I keep on buying it?

First off, it just works. The product lives up to the hype and I appreciate SK II for it. When I first found out about the SK II Essence I thought it was just some gimmicky hyped product but man was I wrong. I had a problem with skin radiance and uneven skin tone and after using the SK II Facial Treatment Essence for a month, I saw a huge difference. That’s why I decided to go ahead and continue using it and after years of using it, I still see improvements.

Also, my skin which normally gets cranky during hormonal periods don’t really react the same way. My skin is now much more calm, it is not as sensitive as before and the texture of my skin is definitely much better than what I expected. Also, now that I only use it 2-3 times weekly (I only buy the travel size now because I really don’t need a lot of it for each application), it feels so luxurious to pat this on my face and over time I have come to trust the product even more because it does what it said it would and nothing else matters.

I know there are many other dupes out there but I just feel bad to ‘cheat’ from the love of my life, my holy grail SK II Facial Treatment Essence. I do want to try out some of those alternative products, though. Like the Missha Time Revolution EssenceEstee Lauder Micro Essence or even the most affordable of all, Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence. I should really get into them and see how they work for me. I’ll let you know how it goes! See you on my next post, loves.

Do you have any experience with facial essences? Have you tried this before?

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