Dear fellow newbies,

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions from my readers regarding what types of blog posts help to grow readership, how to get out of a growth plateau as a new blogger and what can be done so that readers keep coming back. And to be honest as a newbie myself, there is no formula to this. Sure, there lots and lots of tips and tricks you can find online to follow, things with titles like “The 3 Things You Must Do Before Starting A Blog” or “Mistakes to Avoid in The First Month of Blogging”. But in reality, there can only be so much rules that we can bear to follow every single time we publish a post. And what is worse is that sometimes, instead of growing our blogs, these rules just frustrate us. So here’s what I like to remind myself every time I hit that stage:

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“If the popular topics don’t align with your passion, forget about it!”

I hold on to this statement so dearly in my heart. Not only to avoid writing about popular topics just for the sake of getting readers, but also to remind myself of my passion. I would say that one out of five posts about blogging tips would tell you to go to the Popular page on Pinterest and write something about those topics, which I don’t agree with because what’s popular does not always mean it’s relevant. Sometimes I get carried away by ideas after catching up on other blogs that I follow and I would end up confused because these ideas don’t belong in my blog. It is very important to keep our eyes on our niche, which should be something we are passionate about. My belief is that passion wins over trends, anytime. Hands down!

“If you don’t love your post and don’t want to read and again, forget about it!”

I like to remind myself that if I don’t want to read this over and over again, why should I expect my readers to? I know that when my content is written based on passion, I should be in love with it because I do love everything related to my passion. So when that excitement burns out and I realise I don’t love what I write, I would rather just drop it and give myself some time to ‘fall back in love’ with my passion. And yes, this happens a lot to me. I do have my own blogging schedule which is really just an ideal plan of how I would write in a week. But honestly, sometimes schedules just don’t work. When I know that I’m on track with my schedule but I don’t love what I made out of it, I would much prefer to skip the day and write another time. Don’t feel like you are forced to churn out content every single time because you will end up not loving what you create and girl, that’s never a good sign.

“If you don’t want to follow the rules, forget about them!”

Yes, nobody said that you have to follow the rules that others share with you. Your blog is your home, one that you built yourself for your own use and hopefully for others to love hanging out at. Don’t let others tell you how to run your blog just because you are desperate. If those rules don’t apply to you, don’t follow them. In fact, break the rules. It’s okay, there are no ‘blog police’ that will keep track on whether or not you are following the rules. If you don’t want to write a catchy headline, write a headline that you love. If schedules and consistency don’t work with your lifestyle, then write any time you feel like it. If you don’t have the time or money to attend the highly raved about blogging courses, don’t do it. You do you, girl. It’s your home and you’re the only one who rules there.


I think the most important thing to remember is that we all have different experiences and struggles with blogging. There are certain rules or methods that can work with our blogs but there are others that just won’t. And we don’t have to always force ourselves to be confided in these rules. I think we all make our own rules, rules that work best on our blogs, rules that we are most comfortable with. I hope as new bloggers you won’t feel pressured about hitting certain targets because other bloggers have done it, or about strictly following certain methods to reach a number of readers that other bloggers suggested. I believe one of the most exciting part about our blogging journey is the challenges we face in creating our own rules. Because at the end of the day, I would rather look back at my blog and say “I did it myself, I didn’t just follow what others did. This is my masterpiece!”.

Share with us what other things you’re struggling with about blogging!

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