My favourite part about writing for my #BeautyPassport series is that I get to spend more time researching about the beauty industry in other places and learn as much as I can about them. Previously on #BeautyPassport, we have discussed about the world famous Korean 10-step skincare routine and compared Korean makeup versus American makeup. This week, I took you to France.

While doing my research, I realised that there are several beauty tricks that French women are doing different than say Koreans or Americans. If I can boil it down to two words, I would say the French beauty routine is intricately simple. That’s an oxymoron, I know. But it is what it is. The French beauty routine pays a lot of attention to different aspects and yet they stream it down to the most efficient steps, making the whole routine much more concise and effective. Here’s what I learned:

1. It All Starts From The Skin

No amount of makeup can substitute the look of naturally healthy skin so French women pay really close attention to the health of their skin. What I noticed from different French women beauty routines  is that they tend to have more skincare products than makeup products on their skin which is very interesting for me as I personally have more makeup products and skincare. Having naturally beautiful complexion also reduces the amount of ‘flaws’ that need to be covered up, which means the French equation of beauty is: Healthy Skin – Makeup = Beauté Naturelle!

2. Get Ready As Quickly As You Can

For this, using only multi-functional products is key. Staple products in French beauty routines are always richly packed with active ingredients that are good for the skin and are mostly multi-functional. Take the famous Bioderma micellar solution for example, not only does it melt away and remove makeup, it actually deep cleanses the skin when used on a bare face so you won’t need to take the extra steps of washing your face or toning it up to get rid of more impurities because that one product has done everything in one step. French women also like to use multi-functional makeup products such as tinted moisturiser, moisturising lipstick and tinted brow gel. This reduces the steps taken in their beauty routine and makes getting ready in the morning much faster. I mean, genius!

3. Put Effort Into Looking Effortless

Yeap, you read that right. Remember how French models popularised the ‘bedhead’ hair style? It turns out that that a lot of French women prefer to look naturally beautiful instead of glamorously done up. This affects their take on makeup, rising up the popularity of nude lips, light coverage foundation and the absence of contouring in a lot of women’s makeup routines. Not only do their beauty routines take much less time than ours, their makeup looks make them look like they were born beautiful instead of looking like they spent an hour packing a bunch of makeup on their faces, which I truly adore.


What I love even more about French beauty routine is that most of the products they use are bought at their local pharmacies. Which comes down to my favourite word ever: DRUGSTORE! Of course, doing my research doesn’t help with my drugstore shopping addiction and naturally I came up with a wish list of products that I would really love to try:

Best French Pharmacy Beauty Products Wishlist

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1. Nuxe Micellar Water 2. Homeoplasmine Creme 3. Klorane Dry Shampoo 4. Embryolisse Creme Concentrate 5. Nuxe Dry Oil 6. Caudalie Beauty Elixir

What do you think of French beauty routine? Have you tried any of these French pharmacy beauty product?

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