As a couple who doesn’t grandly celebrate all the mushiness in life, my boyfriend and I really outdone ourselves this year. To start off, exactly on Valentine’s day, I came home to a hundred candles and stalks of red roses leading my way to a bouquet of more red roses!


This was around 11 at night after a long, long day at work and coming home to this just melted my heart. It was a total surprise for me too knowing how un-romantic he normally is, he really caught me off guard this time and I really appreciate his efforts.

Sadly I couldn’t make time for a special dinner or whatever it is that people normally do on Valentine’s day. So instead, I took him on a touristy day date the following Saturday! We have lived in Singapore for a few years now and it can be boring around here at times because there’s not much to do. So we like playing tourists every now and then, just to have a little bit of fun and remind ourselves of the beautiful spots we have in Singapore!

So for our Valentine’s date this year, we went to the very famous Gardens by The Bay, which is a nature park that spans over 100 hectares I believe. These gardens are so special because they are located just next to our business district and by the coast of our marina. Upon exiting the train station, we were greeted by the most beautiful scenery, an intricately designed, open dome shelter to our right and a stunning sneak peak of the gardens to our left:



We then took a very, very touristy tram ride to the conservatories that we were visiting and the tram ride really showed how amazing it is to have such a beautiful space in the heart of the city. To our left, was the famous Singapore Flyer (our giant ferris wheel) and a little bit of our city skyline and then to our right was another sneak peak of the gardens.



Singapore’s Gardens by The Bay has two main conservatories which are the world’s largest column-less glasshouse, one is called the Flower Dome and the other Cloud Forest, which we decided to visit. The Cloud Forest replicates the environment of a rain forest and upon entering the glasshouse, we were welcomed by a 42 metre high “Cloud Mountain”, which consists of 5 themed levels and completely covered with orchids, ferns and other greenery. It even has 35 metre high a waterfall!


One of the coolest features about the Cloud Forest is the hidden mountain on top of the Cloud Mountain (accessible by elevators) and the circular bridge that allows us to descend the mountain with the most amazing views. And as we were making our way to the secret garden, we found a group of tourists excitedly taking photos of a particular corner of the garden:


As it turns out, the flowers in this corner were actually made of legos!


Naturally, our jaws dropped and after spending some time marvelling at the intricacy of this artwork, we continued making our way to the secret garden on top of the Cloud Mountain. Once we got to the top, we were just blown away at how gorgeous everything look from up there.


Okay the photo doesn’t do it any justice, but the secret garden on the mountain top has a beautiful pond surrounded by the prettiest greenery and the whole place just feels so, so serene. We also managed to step on the Cloud Walk bridge and face our teeny tiny fear of heights to enjoy the view right below us. (Can I also emphasise how very cold this place is?! For someone who is accustomed to Singapore’s heat and humidity, this place was a fridge. They have some intricate cooling system underground that’s apparently so high-tech that I can’t even bear to read about it. Pardon my indifference to science! Haha)


The Cloud Walk is my favourite part! We get to circle around the mountain and go through the different themed levels inside the mountain where there were quite a few exciting exhibitions going on, like this level in the following photo which is called Crystal Mountain, among many others which were mostly digital and interactive exhibitions.


2017-02-18 15.28.33.jpg

2017-02-18 15.31.41.jpg


Coming back down, we also got to see the peak of the mountain up close and again, our jaws just dropped the whole time. Aside from how cool the whole thing is, we also got to see the view outside of the conservatory, our skyline, our marina and all the surrounding gardens too!


(Oh look! You can actually see the famous Marina Bay Sands building in the background, it’s this really cool ship-shaped hotel/expo space that we are very proud of, it’s the most iconic part of our skyline now!)

2017-02-18 15.23.09.jpg

Bonus OOTD shot! 😉

All in all, playing tourist in exchange of a candle-lit dinner was the perfect way for us to celebrate our second Valentine’s together. Since we don’t like the awkwardness of fancy restaurants and we’re not big on romantic dates either, this was the best Valentine’s date so far! (That’s because our first Valentine’s date was spent moving house lol) Also, if you’d like to read about my favourite date ever, we went on a picnic after visiting Singapore’s less known Orchid Gardens and you can read about it here!

I hope you had fun learning more about my lovely home in this post. Gardens by The Bay really is an amazing and beautiful space, and this post only shows like 1% of it since the whole garden is literally 100 times bigger than the cloud forest. Even though it’s not my first time being there, I still get blown away by how beautiful this place is and how much our government is doing to support our transformation from being a “Garden City” to become a “City in a Garden”!

How did you spend your Valentine’s day? Share in the comments section below!

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