You guessed it, another #BeautyPassport post and this time we’re jet-setting to France! When I think of French beauty products, I only have but one product stuck in mind and that’s the father of all micellar waters… Bioderma Sensibio h2o Make-up Removing Micelle Solution (what a mouthful!). Of all the staple products I keep in my vanity, this one has been the most faithful of all. Similar to my relationship with Cetaphil Gentle cleanser (as I shared in my previous post about my favourite American drugstore products), I trust my Bioderma. Not only because it does a really good job but also because I know that no matter how my skin is doing, I can always go back to it and it will only make everything better.


I remember when micellar solutions weren’t a thing at all. Other than cleansing creams like Pond’s Cold Cream, the best kinds of makeup removing solutions at the drugstore back then were those makeup removing oils that irritated my eyes like nothing else. So naturally, when I heard people raving about Bioderma micelle solution as every makeup artist’s and every runway model’s favourite, I knew I had to give this magical water a try. It took me some months before finally gathering up the courage (and money!) to give in to the rave. And I’m not going to lie, my first reaction after the purchase was “this is one hell of an expensive makeup remover!”. And then ba-bam! All the other brands started coming out with their own versions, which are great by the way, some of them are really up to par with Bioderma. But I gotta say, nothing beats the OG right here by Bioderma. Let’s scoot you in a little closer to what I look like at the end of a long Saturday, shall we?

Bioderma Micellar Makeup Remover Review

Here we see a rare sighting of Mercy in her natural habitat, Shine O’ Greasy land. At this point, my makeup had been on for roughly 9 hours and I am no big fan of blotting at all. Please ignore my shiny forehead, greasy hair and one unpolished finger nail. But you get the point, I had full eye makeup on including eyeshadows, eyeliner and a little bit of mascara. Is it just me or is everybody’s favourite time of the day is when you sit down and take all your makeup off like nobody’s business?

Bioderma Micellar Makeup Remover Review

Side note: now that I don’t use my Bioderma micelle solution daily anymore, I like to buy the medium 250ml size, which in Singapore is about S$28 (about US$20) at a standard drugstore at the mall.

Enter the glorious Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution. I poured some of it on a cotton pad and had it slightly pressed on my eyelid for about 30 seconds. I find that this method works much better rather than rubbing and scrubbing my eyelids. By leaving it for a while on my eyelid, the solution actually has enough time to actually melt my eye makeup off so by the time I swipe it off, everything would be gone. Also, my favourite part about this makeup remover is that it is super friendly to my eyes. Sometimes makeup removers can leave my eyes with a few seconds of cloudy and blurred sight and it’s just the worst thing ever. But not with this bae. Even when my eyes have been tired from work, they never react sensitively to the Bioderma Sensibio, which I love, love, love.

Bioderma Micellar Makeup Remover Review

As expected, after 30 seconds all my eye makeup had already melted down and by time I swiped it off, I can see literally everything on my cotton pad and almost nothing left on my eyelid. I love how Bioderma makes it easier and faster for me to take my makeup off, especially on a lazy day because I know I don’t have to rinse my face off because it’s not an oil based makeup remover. What I normally do after taking my makeup off is I would take a clean sheet of wet wipe, pour a little bit more Bioderma micelle solution on it and give my face another wipe down. Of course if I had more time and energy I would go back to my latest 10 step Korean skincare routine but this works just fine on my cheat days.

Overall, I really recommend this product especially for my sensitive or combo skin girls out there. If you’re not sure about spending the bucks, at least try to get the mini travel size ones and try it once in your life, you’ll be amazed at what the product does. Sometimes if I’m just at home the whole day and only goes outside to grab food and groceries without putting makeup on, I’d come home and just quickly wipe my face off with this and I literally feel like it takes off all the dirt and pollution that the streets like to leave on my face. I love my Bioderma micelle solution and even though I don’t use it everyday, I make sure I have one in my vanity every time because I seriously don’t know which product to turn to if my face was acting all weird and stuff. Thank you France for Bioderma and for introducing the magic of micellar solutions to the rest of the world. Merci beaucoup!

Have you tried this Bioderma cleanser before? What do you think of it?

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