Yay for another #BeautyPassport post! Previously, we have discussed a little bit about Korean and American beauty related topics. Today I thought I would compare American and Korean beauty in a Yay or Nay post on, since I haven’t done a that in a while.

If you’re not familiar with my Yay or Nay posts, I basically discuss specific trends and encourage you to voice your opinions about them in the comments section. You can read a few of my previous Yay or Nay post on lip makeup trend, fashion trends and drugstore dupes!

Instead of sharing photos of certain personalities’ makeup looks, I thought it would be more fun to compare both country’s makeup campaigns since they influence a lot of people’s perception about beauty! Here we go:

Popular American Makeup Campaigns


Maybelline Makeup Campaigns.jpg

Too Faced:

Too Faced Makeup Campaign.jpg

Urban Decay:

Urban Decay Makeup Campaigns.jpg

I think one of the most obvious similarities between these campaigns is that all the models have very defined features. Their lips are drawn in shape, their eyebrows are on fleek and contouring is definitely one of the most important too. For some reason, when I see all these campaigns altogether all I can think of is how glamorous and sexy all these models look. If I was just getting into makeup and I see these makeup campaigns all around, I would feel like that’s how women are expected to look like when they doll up (or in this case, glam up).

Popular Korean Makeup Campaigns

Etude House:

Etude House Makeup Campaign.jpg

Banila Co:

Banila Co Makeup Campaign.jpg


Clio Makeup Campaign.jpg

Now this is what I would call dolling up (literally making yourself look like a doll). As one would expect from any form of promotional effort in the Korean beauty industry, all the models need to have perfectly glowing and clear skin. Koreans pride their beautiful skin and their makeup looks always tend to show this off. As you can see from the campaigns, contouring isn’t really a thing. I can see that Korean makeup looks are always focused on healthy looking skin and then adding on slightly bolder features here and there such as bright lips or dramatic lashes. But overall, nothing too glamorous here. In fact, all I can think of when I see these campaigns is how young and innocent the models look even though I know some of these models from Korean dramas and I know they are not that young at all.

So which one is your Yay and which one is your Nay?

Clearly there are major differences in terms of what the beauty industry in both countries try to instill into the consumer mind. But I think both styles can work for many types of girls and some girls can even rock both looks, the glammed up look and the overly envied glowing skin, innocent look. But of course, this post only zooms in to the more popular campaigns and I can’t compare literally every single beauty campaign. But I hope this gives you some ideas of what’s popular in both countries and I would love to hear what you think about them both!

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