Dear fellow newbies,

I haven’t done a Q&A style blog post since my last one and I thought I’d share a quick one with you today just because recently I’ve been getting quite a few commonly asked questions and I think compiling everything into one post would just make it more efficient. I’m just going to answer the questions that I see the most often so if you have other questions you’d like to ask me, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll make sure to get back to you!

(Disclaimer: I’m not writing this post because I feel like an expert on the topic at all, but I do like to share my blogging journey once a week so I can help my fellow beginner bloggers and get feedback from them too!)

How to start a beauty blog, Beginner's Guide to Lifestyle & Beauty Blogging

1. How did your blog grow so fast in such a short span of time?

I started blogging around four months ago and in my first month blogging I committed into a daily blogging schedule. At the end of my first week daily blogging, I had gained 100 readers and was getting frequent comments and likes too. Right now I am nearing 800 followers with 3-4 posts a week and since 2017 started, I have been getting 100 new followers every other week. I don’t think it was solely because of the amount of posts I write in a week, though. I think my blog grew rather fast (for a complete beginner like me) because of my niche too. I picked a topic that I truly enjoy writing and reading about and it just attracts people who like the same things. I focused on writing around my niche and in between I also write about popular topics. So I guess the commitment to blogging frequently was also boosted by the fact that I was consistent with the topics that I write about and I balance it out with popular topics too.

2. Do I need to buy premium themes or hire a designer?

No. You don’t need to. I really would not recommend my fellow new bloggers to invest so much money on themes and design as they are not the most important part of your blog. As for me personally, I used to work in the creative industry and I know a thing or two about Photoshop and that’s mostly how I do my graphics and header images that beautifies my page. But, when I don’t have time I would normally use PicMonkey, which is an online photo editing tool that I highly recommend for those of you that don’t have any design software skills at all. My blog uses a FREE theme and I did not pay a single penny to hire a designer or to buy a theme. I have written dedicated blog posts on how I design my blog and what I think about investing money on your blog, so you can have a read and hopefully you find them helpful!

3. What is the difference between a host and a domain? How did you get your domain?

If you are a complete beginner, consider your blog as a rented living space that you can decorate, fill up with your own content and basically where you live on the internet. Now this apartment belongs in a building, that building is the host. The host provides space for your blog to stay up on the internet, protects your blog from bad guys and will normally collect rent from you. Now the domain is your home address. The shorter and easier the address is, the easier your readers will find it. That is why domains like are normally free but you need to pay for domains like, which are easier to remember.

My blog is currently hosted by because I took a personal plan with WordPress which came with a free domain. However, if you are looking to turn your blog into a business, I suggest going straight to and pay for external hosts and domain. This is because is not really flexible on monetising and advertising and will give you more freedom to focus on the business side of blogging.

4. I’m a new blogger. How can I get more readers?

Again, I highly suggest that you pick a niche topic and focus on it. Whatever that you write out of passion will find its own readers and in general, readers just naturally gravitate towards writers who are relatable and share the same passion with them. If you do have more time, I recommend socialising with your current readers and build solid ‘online’ friendships too. Socialising helps strengthen the support from your readers and of course, loyal readers are much more valuable than tons of readers. Of course if you want your blog to become a business with solid stream of income (I am not at that stage just yet), you will need to use multiple other platforms to boost your traffic but if you are just starting, I recommend focusing on writing about your niche topics and socialising with your readers.

5. How do you get ideas for your blog posts?

First of all, I’m always all over Pinterest 90% of the day and that’s where I find out the current trends and other interesting topics that I would write about. But other than finding inspiration from anything outside of blogging, I also love planning and organising. Whenever an idea strikes, I will always write them down in my planner and this will normally lead to more ideas. I love organising my blog and writing a monthly plan for it and committing to this has been driving crazy traffic to my blog in January, which was my biggest month even though I only published 14 posts (as compared to 29 posts on my second month of blogging, which was my previous biggest month). That is why I created a free personal blog organiser for fellow newbie bloggers like you so you can start organising your blog too!

Free Blog Planner Organiser Editorial Calendar

There you go! Those are some of the most frequently asked questions from the past month and I really hope you enjoy reading this post and find it helpful in some ways. Don’t forget to leave me your own questions if I haven’t gotten around to answering them because I would love, love to!

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P.s: I am doing a series of blog posts in the month of February called #BeautyPassport where I will be discussing cult beauty favourites from all over the world, one country per week. Read my first #BeautyPassport post here!