I thought I’d do something different and fun today and take all of you back in time to see my beauty journey from a few years back to today! This post is inspired by my hobby of spending hours scrolling through my phone gallery so I thought I’d share with you my beauty journey. I have fallen in love with beauty since I was 4 I believe, so it has been a long-developed passion. But my time in university was when I finally had courage (and freedom) to explore and try different things in terms of makeup, hair and nails. I hope you find this post inspiring in a way or rather entertaining at least (fingers crossed).

1. Make Up

Makeup Throwback.jpg

Apart from my very obviously horrible skills in eyebrows and contouring, I’m actually quite proud of how confident I used to be about playing around with different makeup looks. I think what makes it different now is that I now know my face very well and I know what makeup looks work better for me and so my take on makeup now is much simpler and more suited to myself. I think not being afraid to be different played a really great role in expanding my knowledge and skills and even though looking back at these photos kind of make me cringe, I’m really proud of how far I have come because my current makeup routine is waaay simpler than it was in these photos.

2. Nails

Nails Throwback.jpg

My favourites! As you can see, I had quite a huge (and SO messy) collection of nail polishes and at that time it was really where I spent most of my money on. Of course in university I had much more free time too so I used it to learn how to create so many fun nail art designs which I definitely miss doing. Even though I’m happy with where I’m at in terms of skills and taste in nail art, I don’t have much time to do nail art anymore. Currently the most I can do is changing my super plain and boring nail colours once every two weeks or so while back in university I used to switch up intricate nail art designs at least once a week!

3. Hair

Hair Throwback.jpg

Ahh.. How I miss those days. Those daring, reckless days with my hair. Seriously, you guys. I used to love, love, love my hair in high school and take care of it like it was my baby and in university I just went nuts. I chopped it off myself, I bleached it at home, I did crazy colours, used curling iron almost everyday. To my defence, mermaid hair  was all over the internet too so I can’t blame myself for wanting to keep up with the trends! Now that I’m older, I definitely take much better care of my hair. I barely even curl it anymore or let alone colour it, be it on my own or at the salon. Which is just a testament to what I said earlier, that now I know myself much better and have settled on this beauty identity that helps me to not get carried away by trends and just stay true to what I think look best on me and what makes me feel good about myself.

What do you think about my beauty journey? If you look back at your own journey, what were the biggest differences?

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