I feel like recently I haven’t been focusing too much on the beauty side of my blog and rather more towards blogging tips and inspiration in general. So I thought I’d jump back in the pool and write more about budget beauty. I’m also currently in the process of re-doing my apartment and a little bit of spring cleaning too so that’s why I’ve been behind schedule and having teeny tiny writer’s block. You know how it is, even when you have all your posts planned out, sometimes you’re just not in the perfect writing mood and it just sucks. But anyway, enough rambling, here’s everything I have in my drugstore blush stash:

Best Drugstore Blushes in My Stash.jpg

1. First I have this How Bout Them Apples cream blush and lip palette from The Balm, which I love love love! Not only that the formulas are good, these shades don’t break my skin out and they do have good staying power, the palette itself is just so funny and cute. I always love The Balm for their puns and fun packaging!

2. Next is my trusty Elf blush quad in Light, which is the holy grail in my drugstore blush collection, really. I have mentioned this palette a few times on my blog and I mean it when I said that it is the best drugstore blush out there and I’m just so in love with it, can’t go anywhere without it.

3. This one is a birthday gift from Sephora and although I’m not too impressed with the pigmentation, I don’t really have anything in these shades and that’s why I keep it. It’s also in cute little compact which is perfect for my makeup bag.

4. Another one of my favourites is this Wet n’ Wild blush in Pearlescent Pink. This one is famous for being a dupe for NARS Orgasm blush but I’m not too sure myself. All I know is this stays on all day long like a dream! I have even caught myself in the rain and came home with perfect blush. Like, seriously.

5. Then I have my favourite contour shade at the moment, which is Elf bronzer and blush duo in Fiji Matte. As for the blush itself, it’s highly pigmented so I always have to be careful when applying it. But I love the deep coral shade which I normally wouldn’t go for but somehow I fell in love with.

6. Next I have this super cute one called Blushing Hearts by Makeup Revolution which is a dupe for Too Faced’s Sweethearts blushes but despite the fact that it’s a dupe, it is a great blush. There is a slight sheen to it and I love how subtle the glow is too. If you didn’t know, Makeup Revolution does a lot of dupes of higher end products. You can read my thoughts on drugstore dupes of high end makeup products here and find dupes for Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and Naked palette!

7 & 8. And next, Milani! I love both my Milani blushes. These are Milani’s baked blushes which I have in the shades Luminoso (7) and Dolce Pink (8). These blushes are to die for! Honestly they are one of those products that YouTube made me buy. I mean, this was all over the internet and I couldn’t blame the internet for continuously raving about them because they are just… heavenly.

9. Finally, another Elf blush! I mean, can we see how in love I am with Elf’s powder blushes right now? This particular one is Elf’s single blush in the shade Berry Merry and like my other Elf blushes, the formula is just superb. I particularly love this shade even though it looks super deep, it sheers out a little bit and kind of give my cheeks this bronzy, rosy glow which I couldn’t find in Elf’s other shades.

Have you ever tried any of these blushes from my drugstore collection?

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