Dear fellow newbies,

Some of you have been sharing your struggles with me recently: not enough readers, stuck on ideas, not confident enough about your writing… And I get those frustrations, I really do. I personally struggle with my own blogging challenges too. But you know what? The challenges are always going to be there anyway. And they’re going to morph into other challenges, bigger ones, as our blogs grow.

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling it either today. I was sick today and couldn’t even go to work. I had my blogging schedule for this week figured out but that didn’t matter because I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I felt like today was a bad start for the week and I was really afraid that it might affect the quality of my blog posts for the rest of the week. But I’m not going to let it. These hiccups happen all the time and the fact that I’m still here blogging with a growing readership just shows that I have succeeded in overcoming them so far.

So let’s try to focus on the good. When I get stuck in a frustration, I try to think of three happy things that I know to be true. So here’s what I kept in mind today:

1. I love spending time here on my blog. Even though it means sacrificing a little bit of my weekend or having less sleep because I need catch up on some posts on a week day. I just love it here. Every time I come back, it feels like I have just gone on a trip and I finally get to come back home and sleep in my own bed, finally be myself in an environment that I truly understand and understands me.

2. I have the loveliest and most supportive readers ever. I know that no matter what, those who have been enjoying my posts will always come back and encourage me to get my spirit back up and start churning out posts that I love. I know this not just because you guys do leave the nicest comments, but because I feel like you all understand. We all struggle with our blogs some times and some days just aren’t good days to blog. And you totally get it and it makes me feel much, much better.

3. Writing calms me down. Be it about makeup, Instagram, or other random things. I know writing calms me down because I have always felt most comfortable when I’m expressing myself through writing. I may not be good at it, but it’s good for me. So I’m sticking with it. And even if there’s anyone out there judging my for my writing here, I would never waste my energy on them because I’m doing this for me.

And just like that, I feel much better. I want you to know that as new bloggers, we will always, always find it tough at times. I’m pretty sure the pro bloggers struggle too! So don’t sweat it… If you enjoy doing this, it shouldn’t be a burden. You shouldn’t have to stress about it. Blogging is fun, so enjoy it!

Tell me, what do you love about blogging?

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