You guys, it literally was just 13 days ago when I celebrated my blog hitting 500 followers and now there’s 100 more of you and it makes me so, so happy! So here’s another quick shout out to my readers.

I remember the first time I startedย blogging, I reached 100 followers in 1 weekย and it was one of my happiest moments in 2016. That speed of growth didn’t happen again for a long time and now it’s back and I can’t believe it!

Thank you so much for always coming back to my blog and hanging out together, chit-chatting about all the random things that I write in here. And I would like to welcome my new readers too, I hope you come to love hanging out here on my blog as the rest of us have been. I have a new post coming up tonight so I’ll see you then! Xo

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