Hair Care Skincare and Beauty

I used to be a huge hair person back when I had waist-length hair. And by huge, I mean I used to always make sure I’m using the best products, I used natural home-made hair masks twice a week, I just never let anything bad happen to my hair in general. And then at one point, I chopped my hair off and all the excitement went away. I was too happy being liberated from over-complicated hair care and tiring hair drying sessions that I just unintentionally stopped caring for my hair.

One thing that I’m still constantly prioritising is my nails’ health. I’ve been doing my own nails for many years now and I don’t ever go to the salon for that anymore. I care for my nails almost just as much as I care for my facial skin care. I think it’s just me switching my priorities over time, but that’s what I’m currently focusing on. My current facial skincare routine revolves on mainly anti aging products and as for my nails, I make sure to use cuticle oils and hand creams as frequently as possible and shapping, trimming my nails to maintain their growth and strength.

As for my body, I have had very mild atopic dermatitis since I was younger which turns any tiny irritation into scars that are normally very hard to get rid of. And currently, my way of dealing with it is just to use doctor’s approved body lotions and scar removal creams.

I wanted to know how you guys prioritise your beauty care routine. Do you focus more on one thing? Do you try to juggle everything all at once? And I was also wondering if anyone can recommend me with any products that would help scarring and dermatitis?

So, which do you prioritise? Do you have any product recommendations?