Anti Aging Skincare Routine using SK II Facial Treatment Essence and Kate Sommerville Retasphere

I posted an anti-aging skincare routine last month and a lot of you actually supported the idea of using anti-aging products in my early 20’s, which really encouraged me to try on even more products! *cough* excusing myself to shop *cough*

As mentioned in my original skincare routine post, I realy heavily on my SK II Facial Treatment toner and essence and I think for now I’m not going to change that because I have been loving it for a long time and it still does wonders on my face.

I do get bored, though, with my skincare routine and have been wanting to spice things up. I recently swapped my face wash from L’Oreal RevitaLift to Bio-Essence 24k Gold Skin Awakening Day Cleanser. I’ve never tried anything from Bio-Essence before and even though I do think that the face wash does not actually contain real gold, it actually does a pretty good job.

The Bio-Essence 24k Gold Skin Awakening Day Cleanser is perfect for mornings when my skin is absolutely dry from sleeping in an air conditioned room the whole night before. The face wash cleanses and really freshens up my skin without leaving it feeling too dry afterwards. I don’t recommend it for a night time cleanser though as it may not cleanse as much oil, make-up and dirt that you may accumulate through out the day. Which is why at nights I have been going back to my Simple Smoothing Face Scrub and my do I love this scrub!

The Simple Smoothing Face Scrub is perfect for my prone-to-dryness-but-still-overall-oily-and-yet-patchy-skin. Honestly, life is tough with combination skin, most products don’t work. But this Simple one really works for me as the scrubs are not too chunky, the formula isn’t drying or irritating and it does the job perfectly.

I am also really keen on exploring masks recently. I mentioned in my Asian Drugstore Mini Haul that I purchased a hydrogel mask and I’ve tried it once, but I wanna see how it affects my skin if I use it more regularly. I’m really new to this masks world, though. Might need your help in finding the perfect ones!

What face wash & masks do you recommend?