Drugstore Haul.jpg

It’s always a fun trip to the drugstore for me, even though it’s a quick one. Few days earlier, I dropped by to get (1.) new Gilette Venus Spa shavers and this one is definitely my favourite over the years. It doesn’t cut my skin and it’s really moisturising too! I also purchased (2.) the Simple Nourishing Shower Cream which was interesting to me because I rarely see bath products from Simple in Singapore, they’re always facial care so I really wanted to try this one out!

I also got a (4.) Dove Soap Bar because I’ve been meaning to try cleaning my smaller/less used makeup brushes with a regular soap bar (I heard a lot of people that this works!), rather than wasting my beauty blender cleanser bar. Curious to see if it really does the job!

And then, I saw this strangely familiar face mask:

Faith in Face Nourish Me Hydrogel Mask.jpg

The packaging gives me a lot of Soap & Glory vibes, don’t you think? And so I picked it up to see what it actually is and apparently it’s a hydrogel mask called (3.) Nourish Me by a Korean brand called Faith in Face. Now, I’m not a big fan of masks in general. I think a lot of them can be too sloppy and just ew. But I’m actually interested to try this out. Partly because my skin has been breaking out lately and it sure needs some love and partly because… the packaging is super cute I just couldn’t resist putting it in the shopping basket!

Air Laynic Pore Mask.jpg

And finally, I found another interesting mask-y thingy. This one’s actually a pore mask by another Korean brand called… I have no idea what they’re called. 23 years? Noooo idea at all. But I picked it up because it’s really interesting how the mask is really big (it’s supposed to cover your upper cheeks and under eye area too, not just nose!) and that it also comes with the syringe. I’m guessing that the product inside the syringe have to be spread out on the mask before putting it on or something like that… but anyway, really excited to try these masks out! Will let you know how it goes. See you in the next one, loves! Xo