Today I’d like to get your opinions on my vanity corner and how I set it up. I’ve been de-cluttering a lot of my make up and reorganising it so I’d like hear what you think about it. I’m not super, super organised but I think for a hoarder like me, this set up is almost like an achievement!


DIY Ikea Make Up Vanity Tutorial Vanity Mirror With Lights

Here’s my favourite corner in my house, where I spend most of my mornings and nights!

Firstly, on the left side is my storage compartments. I use Ikea’s Billy book case as the frame and I bought the Smarassel and Tjena box to store my products.I think upgrading up the Billy book case with the boxes just makes it look much more neat as opposed to organising all my products in open compartments.

The stacked shoe storage on the right side is also Ikea and it is called Trones. I have had these since I first moved to Singapore over 4 years ago! An old one, but why not. I think these pieces look great together anyway.

The vanity table itself is not mine, it came together with the room I rented so I have nooo idea where that came from. But the pretty furry stool is Ikea too! It is a $5-ish Marius stool that I glammed up with a small piece of furry fabric (pssst.. that fabric is also what I use to take Instagram flat lay photos!)


DIY Ikea Make Up Vanity Tutorial Vanity Mirror With Lights

This next one’s pretty straight forward. This is the top shelf where I keep my nail tools, lotions, perfumes, hair ties and brushes (plus a pink back scratcher that looks like a baby rake – don’t judge). All of these containers are $2 each and bought at Daiso, which is basically a $2 Japanese store where they sell all kinds of household needs. I guess it’s just the Asian version of American Dollar Tree…?



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Just below that top shelf I have a smaller ‘zoom’ mirror which is the Ikea Trensum mirror and some of my most used items, together with my pretty Merida figure from one of my favourite Pixar movies ever, Brave. Behind these things is where I keep my messy pile of daily makeup products that I won’t show because… I’m not super, super organised, did I tell you that?


DIY Ikea Make Up Vanity Tutorial Make Up Vanity Lights

Then, on the far end side of the table is where I keep my brushes and where I sneakily hide my (very small) eyeshadow palette collection. Again, containers are all from Daiso!

DIY Ikea Make Up Vanity 5.jpg

And finally, my favourite part, my own DIY vanity mirror. This is the Ikea Skoksvag mirror with Ikea Dioder LED strips. This mirror actually came with my rented room too and so the LED strips were pasted on double-sided tapes for easy removal. This was such a life saver for me because I love my place, but it just has the worst lighting for make up. Making this was super easy and all in all it only costed me less than S$100 (or US$70).

What do you think?

I wanna know what know what you think about my vanity and if you have any ideas on how to organise my stuffs better, please do let me know!

(P.s. Sorry for the irregular schedule, I will be back on my daily blogging soon, I promise!)