I heard a message about influence today at church and it really reminded me of this flamingo quote. I thought I’d share a little bit of positivity for your day and also write a little note to myself that blogging is an inspiring community filled with different people. So don’t be afraid to be different. In fact, embrace your difference.

If you want to talk about your make up routines or your recipes or both in one post, do it. If you like quirkier things and you want to write about unicorns and purple rain, why not? I think this is the perfect place for that. I think this is the perfect place to not care about other people’s opinions and to not compare yourself with others.

There will always be people who are better than you at certain things. But they don’t run your blog. Your blog is a home where you get to be yourself and write about anything. Your blog is a kingdom where you rule. So have fun, get inspired and just keep on writing! Your blog is perfectly fine and so is mine.