I got asked this question in my previous post. And I realised that there are new bloggers out there, going through what I am going through: figuring out our style, niche and trying to grow our teeny tiny baby blogs. So I have decided to post updates on my blogging life every Friday to share the experience to fellow newbies like me!

Today marked my 15th day of blogging and I am seriously overwhelmed by the love. On my first week I received 100 followers and today I am at 500 likes! Not that it matters, but it just feels amazing to know that there are people from all over the world who love the things that I love and would talk to me about them with genuine passion.

Starting out, I was so afraid that no one would want to read my content. But I pushed myself to just go for it, keeping in my mind that I am doing this for myself and not anyone else. It turns out greater than what I expected! Being surrounded in a community with shared passion allows me to truly be myself and believe in what I do.

This is not a huge blog, but stats don’t matter. I don’t want it to ever matter. What matters the most is that I have finally found what I truly love doing and I will keep going. Thank you for reading and for being my new friends!


Xo, Mercy