3 days ago I turned 21. To celebrate, I started a blog. Thought I’d challenge myself to be constant at at least one thing in life and learn to finally adult!

So. My name is Mercy. Yes, literally. I am 21. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Been living in Singapore for over 4 years now and still am.I spend most of my time lying in bed scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, 9gag and YouTube, just like other millennials. I love everything about nail art, puppies, drugstore makeup and long, lazy Saturdays. Oh, and I sing. Everywhere. And that’s.. pretty much all the basics, I would say?

Anyway. They say to get to know a girl, you gotta take a look inside her closet. I couldn’t agree more! So I thought I’d give you an extra sneak peek into my life, here are some of my most worn #OOTD’s:


Go-To Denim.jpg

This is pretty much everything I wear when I’m going out and have like NO time at all to plan an outfit. I think denim jackets are timeless and super versatile especially when paired with the right accessories. That’s why I love pairing it with my gigantic Pashli, which is also what I carry on a daily basis pretty much.



This next one is usually an alternative to the denim-jacket look. If I know that I’m gonna be going somewhere hot (like pretty much everywhere in Singapore) but still kinda need to look put together, this would definitely be my outfit ensemble. I just LOVE going out with plain t-shirt and jeans paired with the comfiest Mitju flats, my all time favourite MAC lipstick and this pretty AND affordable purse that I’m completely obsessed with.

lunch-dateThanks to Pantone’s colours of the year, I too am obsessed with soft blushing pink hues paired with gentle hints of serene light blue. And so once in a while, I like to get out of my comfort all-black-and-white zone and try to look a lot more alive! I found this cute top from Zalora a few months back and have been wearing it with this bag and these sandals pretty much every time I go on daytime dates. I think it’s just the perfect balance of cute, sexy and not-trying-too-hard-to-impress-my-man kind of outfit.


There you go! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me and I hope you’d come along on this blogging journey with me. I’m just super excited about all the content that’s gonna go up in here and how creative I can be on this platform. Seeya on the next one!